Why I’m more expensive


My value cannot be measured easily in terms of return on investment

It’s almost impossible to do this as I form part of a team with many more people playing integral roles in execution and success.

Entering projects at their early stages I’m often no longer involved when returns can be measured.

So... what value do I add and how can it be measured?

I sell my time but I deliver timeliness. I lead teams to create better products and services faster.

Consistently what I hear from my clients is that we delivered in 12 weeks what would have taken us 2 years. This is a direct result of the leadership, rigour and process that I bring to every project.

This is achieved whilst:

  • Respecting the team, their time, and capabilities. We’re not about to burn out a team for the sake of sprinting as fast as we can.
  • Continuing to be user-centred and research-led. We won’t be cutting any corners. We’ll conduct the right amount of research at the right time and make it actionable. No weighty research papers. Just clear insights to help the team move forward.
  • Taking an iterative approach. No big design upfront, no ego-driven big releases. Just small, iterative steps towards the vision.
  • Involving stakeholders. We’ll put them to work, consult them, and keep them informed. Remove roadblocks, do away with sign-offs, utilise their expertise and champion user-centred decisions.
  • Operating with a remote mindset and with a few meetings as possible. Meetings are time intensive. We’ll run highly collaborative and impactful workshops that get the most out of large groups in just a couple hours. In the day-to-day, I help teams adopt asynchronous practices helping them and me get more done.

Freelancers typically deliver work within the confines of your existing practices. I typically redefine practices, processes and approach for organisations. Teams often then go on to adopt and continue these practices after our work together has ended.

It is for those reasons my rate is £750