Royal Academy of Arts

Building a practice of user-centred design

User research, UX, UI, E-commerce


The Royal Academy of Arts (RA) is one of London’s leading galleries for art and architecture.

For the last few years I’ve worked with the RA to establish a practice of user-centred design in their digital team. Through our research across many projects I’ve helped them gain a deep understanding of their visitors and members. We’ve also worked to broaden their understanding of a more diverse audience.

I’ve helped the RA improve several aspects of their website including: their online booking system; online membership sales; cross-selling and up-selling strategies; and creating a more user-friendly experience.


Sam Judge • UX Designer and user researcher

Rachel Walker • Product manager

Rachel Hankins • Product manager

Liat Wassershtrom • User Research


Interested in working together? Drop me an email → sam[at]

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